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Circle of Honor
Donors as of July 15, 2013

The Links, Incorporated and The Links Foundation, Incorporated believes its family of donors are a cherished asset and vital to the organization and its mission. The Circle of Honor was created to recognize the thoughtfulness and vision of those contributors who demonstrate a deep commitment to preserving the legacy and future of our esteemed organization through an unparalleled level of support of our Building Fund Campaign. This high level of giving extends beyond the renovated walls of our National Headquarters to have a powerful and meaningful impact on the lives of many. Our restored home continues to serve as “a national community center from which people, projects and programs are developed and empowered.”

Without the leadership and generosity of our supporters the success of this incredible project would not have been possible. We are thankful for this display of unwavering dedication.

Sponsor Circle

The Central Area of The Links, Incorporated
The Eastern Area of The Links, Incorporated
The Southern Area of The Links, Incorporated
The Western Area of The Links, Incorporated

Beverly Roberts-Atwater , Norfolk (VA) Chapter

Patron Circle

Capital City (DC) Chapter

Deborah Beavers-Watford , Los Angeles (CA) Chapter
Marcella A. Jones , Capital City (DC) Chapter
Tina Lewis , Las Vegas (NV) Chapter
La-Doris McClaney , Beverly Hills West (CA) Chapter

Sustaining Circle

Circle City (IN) Chapter
Fort Worth (TX) Chapter
Missouri City (TX) Chapter
Renaissance (MI) Chapter

Alpha Blackburn , Indianapolis (IN) Chapter
Margot James Copeland , Cleveland (OH) Chapter
Jacqueline C. Hrabowski , Harbor City (MD) Chapter
Gwendolyn B. Lee , South Suburban Chicago (IL) Chapter
Frederica Massiah-Jackson , Delaware Valley (PA) Chapter
Vivian Rogers Pickard , Renaissance (MI) Chapter
Marcia D. White , Long Island (NY) Chapter
Katherine E. Wilson , Bold City (FL) Chapter

Supporting Circle

Alameda Contra-Costa (CA) Chapter
Albuquerque (NM) Chapter
Anchorage (AK) Chapter
Angel City (CA) Chapter
Bakersfield (CA) Chapter
Beverly Hills West (CA) Chapter
Brunswick (GA) Chapter
Channel Islands (CA) Chapter
Dallas (TX) Chapter
Denver (CO) Chapter
Dogwood City (GA) Chapter
Fairfield County (CT) Chapter
Fort Bend County (TX) Chapter
Fort Lauderdale (FL) Chapter
Gainesville (FL) Chapter
Golden Triangle (TX) Chapter
Gulf Coast Apollo (TX) Chapter
Inglewood-Pacific (CA) Chapter
Las Vegas (NV) Chapter
Los Angeles (CA) Chapter
Mid-Cities (TX) Chapter
Oakland Bay Area (CA) Chapter
Orangeburg (SC) Chapter
Pasadena-Altadena (CA) Chapter
Plano North Metroplex (TX) Chapter
San Diego (CA) Chapter
San Francisco (CA) Chapter
South Suburban Chicago (IL) Chapter
Tacoma (WA) Chapter
Tallahassee (FL) Chapter
Texas Spring Cypress (TX) Chapter
Town Lake (TX) Chapter
Tucson (AZ) Chapter
Winston-Salem (NC) Chapter
DeJuanna B. Adams , Bergen County (NJ) Chapter
Cecilia M. Adams , Toledo (OH) Chapter
Gina F. Adams , Capital City (DC) Chapter
Beverly C. Adams , Charlottesville (VA) Chapter
Dolly Desselle Adams , Atlanta (GA) Chapter
Brenda G. Aiken , Azalea City (GA) Chapter
Lydia L. Alexander , Birmingham (AL) Chapter
Mildred J. Allen , LeFleur's Bluff (MS) Chapter
Willie M. Allen , Alumna - Southern Area
Beverly J. Anderson , Prince George's County (MD) Chapter
Nancy Shade Anderson , Greenville (SC) Chapter
Cynthia Boykin Austin , Bold City (FL) Chapter
Vicky A. Bailey , Reston (VA) Chapter
Valeria R. Baker , Orlando (FL) Chapter
D'Juana M. Ballard , Minneapolis-St. Paul (MN) Chapter
Virginia Banks-Bright , Youngstown (OH) Chapter
Janet D. Baszile , Palos Verdes (CA) Chapter
Evelyn S. Battiste , Alumna - Southern Area
Joyce Hannah Beatty , Columbus (OH) Chapter
Toyoko Beaty , Winston-Salem (NC) Chapter
Ronda K. Bell , Birmingham (AL) Chapter
Janis J. Benton , Gulf Coast Apollo (TX) Chapter
Jacqueline M. Berryman , Claremont Area (CA) Chapter
Nikki A. Bethel , Brooklyn (NY) Chapter
Jeanine T. Black , Beverly Hills West (CA) Chapter
Joyce T. Black , Affiliate - Western Area
Alesia Boatright-Jackson , Orange County (CA) Chapter
Lois T. Bolden , Las Vegas (NV) Chapter
Dorothy P. Bond , Greater Hudson Valley (NY) Chapter
Magalene L. Bowling , Prince George's County (MD) Chapter
Janet W. Bowman , Asheville (NC) Chapter
Peggy A. Brazley , South Suburban Chicago (IL) Chapter
Mona J. Brinson , Alumna - Southern Area
Deborah C. Brittain , Affiliate - Southern Area
Jennifer Giddings Brooks , Fort Worth (TX) Chapter
Hattie M. Broussard , Pontchartrain (LA) Chapter
Judith Carmichael Brown , Circle City (IN) Chapter
Jean W. Brown , Alumna - Western Area
Kimberly E. Brown , Camellia Rose (GA) Chapter
Lucille M. Brown , James River Valley (VA) Chapter
Victoria B. Buck , Archway (MO) Chapter
J. Kamala Buckner , South Suburban Chicago (IL) Chapter
Larnell Burks-Bagley , Indianapolis (IN) Chapter
Jarnell Burks-Craig , Indianapolis (IN) Chapter
Jettie M. Burnett , Atlanta (GA) Chapter
Angela T. Butler , Reston (VA) Chapter
M. Jean Butler , Alumna - Southern Area
Sara E. Butler , Alumna - Western Area
Geraldine H. Butts , Hendersonville Area (TN) Chapter
Gloria Cain , Magnolia (GA) Chapter
Teree Caldwell-Johnson , Des Moines (IA) Chapter
Duryea H. Callaway , Oakland County (MI) Chapter
Kim Campbell-Young , Arlington (VA) Chapter
Hortense Canady , Alumna - Central Area
Claire L. Carey , Wilmington (DE) Chapter
Minnie Chambers , Milwaukee (WI) Chapter
Alice Chapman-Minutello , Raritan Valley (NJ) Chapter
Mila L. Chavis , Montgomery County (PA) Chapter
Mildred L. Chavous , Alumna - Central Area
Kay Clark , Winston-Salem (NC) Chapter
Ivie L. Clay , St. Louis (MO) Chapter
Antoinette S. Clayton , Channel Islands (CA) Chapter
Willie Mae Clayton , Alumna - Western Area
Mary C. Clophus , Alumna - Western Area
Carolyn E. Codwell , Houston (TX) Chapter
Evelyn R. Coker , Las Vegas (NV) Chapter
Ada C. Cole , Fort Lauderdale (FL) Chapter
Karen R. Cole , Beverly Hills West (CA) Chapter
Mattie Peterson Compton , Fort Worth (TX) Chapter
Maudine R. Cooper , Capital City (DC) Chapter
Audrey Cooper-Stanton , Chicago (IL) Chapter
Kimberley S. Copeland , Metro-Manhattan (NY) Chapter
Isabell Cottrell , Plano North Metroplex (TX) Chapter
Diane J. Crear , Madison Metropolitan (WI) Chapter
Melbourne S. Cummings , Potomac (VA) Chapter
Mary F. Currie , Atlanta (GA) Chapter
Ida S. Daniel , Denver (CO) Chapter
Josephine Daniels , Texas Spring Cypress (TX) Chapter
Monet L. Daniels , Beverly Hills West (CA) Chapter
Deborah J. Davis , Columbia (SC) Chapter
Norma H. Davis , Alumna - Southern Area
Josephine D. Davis , Fort Valley (GA) Chapter
Barbara A. Dawkins , Montgomery County (PA) Chapter
Joan B. Dawson , Alumna - Southern Area
Linda G. Dilworth , Tallahassee (FL) Chapter
Joyce J. Dixon , San Francisco (CA) Chapter
Joyce Martin Dixon , Greensboro (NC) Chapter
Alma L. Dodd , Windy City (IL) Chapter
Otis R. Douglas , Alumna - Central Area
Glenda DuBoise , Topeka (KS) Chapter
Diane J. Duggin , Montgomery County (PA) Chapter
Hazel N. Dukes , Metro-Manhattan (NY) Chapter
Lottie Payne Edwards , Charlottesville (VA) Chapter
Ione L. Edwards , Greater Hudson Valley (NY) Chapter
Deborah A. Elam , Fairfield County (CT) Chapter
Lydia M. Elliott , Solano County (CA) Chapter
Phyllis H. Ellis , Alumna - Central Area
Pauline A. Ellison , Arlington (VA) Chapter
Anita R. Estell , Capital City (DC) Chapter
Sharon Eubanks-Pope , South Suburban Chicago (IL) Chapter
Thelma Evans , Alumna - Central Area
Kelleesa Ewing , Morris County (NJ) Chapter
Ricki Fairley-Brown , Magnolia (GA) Chapter
Juli E. Farris , Greater Seattle (WA) Chapter
Joyce E. Felder , Prince George's County (MD) Chapter
Josephine E. Fiveash , Bold City (FL) Chapter
Juanita W. Fleming , Frankfort/Lexington (KY) Chapter
Pamela F. Fobbs , Fresno (CA) Chapter
Clinita A. Ford , Tallahassee (FL) Chapter
Kristie Patton Foster , Buffalo (NY) Chapter
Carolyn L. Foutz , Golden Triangle (TX) Chapter
Eneid A. Francis , Pontchartrain (LA) Chapter
Jenelle L. Franklin , Harbor Area (CA) Chapter
Regina Jollivette Frazier , Greater Miami (FL) Chapter
Earline P. Freeman , Alumna - Eastern Area
Karla S. Fuller , Mid-Cities (TX) Chapter
April Gaines-Jernigan , Capital City (DC) Chapter
Michele S. Gandy , Azalea City (GA) Chapter
Sheila E. Garnett , Old Dominion (VA) Chapter
Jacquelyn B. Garrett , St. Louis (MO) Chapter
Pamela J. Gentry , Annapolis (MD) Chapter
Francene Gilmer , Frankfort/Lexington (KY) Chapter
Johnese W. Gilmette , Dallas (TX) Chapter
Queen Gladden , Prince George's County (MD) Chapter
Glenda B. Glover , LeFleur's Bluff (MS) Chapter
Marchelle Goens , South Suburban Chicago (IL) Chapter
Annie J. Goodson , Capital City (DC) Chapter
Modena T. Gooley , Old Dominion (VA) Chapter
T. Ardenia Gould , Affiliate - Southern Area
Bobbie M. Graves , Vicksburg (MS) Chapter
Sherri Blount Gray , Potomac (VA) Chapter
Jewell Greer , Alumna - Western Area
Diane E. Guilford , Old Dominion (VA) Chapter
Terri J. Hackett , Baltimore (MD) Chapter
Erma Hadley , Fort Worth (TX) Chapter
Michele V. Hagans , Capital City (DC) Chapter
Kathy Hairston , Charlotte (NC) Chapter
Sarah T. Hale , Cincinnati (OH) Chapter
Mildred Hall-Watson , Nassau, Bahamas
Barbara J. Hamilton , Greater Mobile (AL) Chapter
Jane Hammond , Oakland County (MI) Chapter
Gladys G. Hankins , Queen City (OH) Chapter
Dianne S. Hardison , Old Dominion (VA) Chapter
Bonnita L. Hargis , Raleigh (NC) Chapter
Eleanor M. Harris , Alumna - Eastern Area
Angela Harris , Alameda Contra-Costa (CA) Chapter
Jill Bussey Harris , Richmond (VA) Chapter
Sandra J. Harris , Ann Arbor (MI) Chapter
Sandra M. Harris , Gulf Coast Apollo (TX) Chapter
Joya Harris-Sherron , Renaissance (MI) Chapter
Wyvonnie V. Harsley , Old Dominion (VA) Chapter
Agnes D. Hassell , Petersburg (VA) Chapter
Dorothy Jean Hays , Pasadena-Altadena (CA) Chapter
Gaynell H. Hendricks , Birmingham (AL) Chapter
Argua T. Hickey , Alumna - Central Area
Patricia Larkins Hicks , Columbus (OH) Chapter
Cynthia Hightower-Jenkins , Shreveport (LA) Chapter
Verna McNeil Hodges , Atlanta (GA) Chapter
Gayle P. Holliday , Jackson County (MO) Chapter
Elsie C. Holmes , Plano North Metroplex (TX) Chapter
C. Yvonne Holt-Stone , Harbor City (MD) Chapter
Theresa D. Hoover , North Jersey (NJ) Chapter
Schylbea J. Hopkins , Great Lakes (MI) Chapter
Jacqueline Howard , Pasadena-Altadena (CA) Chapter
Jocelyn J. Hunter , Atlanta (GA) Chapter
Norma Hutcheson
Vivian R. Ingersoll , Atlanta (GA) Chapter
Patricia A. Ingram , Gulf Coast Apollo (TX) Chapter
Regina Jackson , Alameda Contra-Costa (CA) Chapter
Emma H. Jackson , Wilmington (NC) Chapter
Jannett N. Jackson , Alameda Contra-Costa (CA) Chapter
Bettye Jackson , Triangle Park (NC) Chapter
Bunnie Jackson-Ransom , Azalea City (GA) Chapter
Carrie G. James , Alumna - Southern Area
Argentina M. James , Missouri City (TX) Chapter
Kay Jarvis , Plano North Metroplex (TX) Chapter
Mary A. Jefferson , Alumna - Western Area
Marye Jackson Jeffries , Fayetteville (NC) Chapter
Anita H. Jenkins , Tri-City (MI) Chapter
Patricia C. Jessamy , Baltimore (MD) Chapter
James Jeter
Bobbie Johns , Alumna - Western Area
Doris A. Johnson , Mid-Cities (TX) Chapter
Margaret T. Johnson , Jacksonville (FL) Chapter
Evelyn Allen Johnson , Beverly Hills West (CA) Chapter
Gayle Johnson , Greater Seattle (WA) Chapter
Verna J. Johnson , Alumna - Southern Area
Betty Jean Jones , Prince George's County (MD) Chapter
Rosemary N. Jones , Commonwealth (VA) Chapter
Evora W. Jones , James River Valley (VA) Chapter
Sandra M. Jones , Greensboro (NC) Chapter
Jessie M. Jones , Wilson-Rocky Mount-Tarboro (NC) Chapter
Martha Joshua , Little Rock (AR) Chapter
Angela V. Joubert , Texas Spring Cypress (TX) Chapter
Arthenia L. Joyner , Tampa (FL) Chapter
Barbara B. Keith , Las Vegas (NV) Chapter
Edith Kelly-Green , Memphis (TN) Chapter
Jayne Baccus Khalifa , Minneapolis-St. Paul (MN) Chapter
Arlene W. King , Essex County (NJ) Chapter
Debra D. King , Arlington (VA) Chapter
Theresa M. Klugh , Alumna - Central Area
Lula Lang-Jeter , Arlington (VA) Chapter
Caryl Lashley , Nassau, Bahamas
Constance S. Lassiter , Tacoma (WA) Chapter
Allie B. Latimer , Washington (DC) Chapter
Gloria G. Lawlah , Prince George's County (MD) Chapter
Gloria Lawlah-Walker , Capital City (DC) Chapter
Madeline Y. Lawson , Capital City (DC) Chapter
Beverly E. Ledbetter , Greater Providence (RI) Chapter
Ronald Lee
Michelle Lee-Murrah , South Suburban Chicago (IL) Chapter
Kimberly Jeffries Leonard , Arlington (VA) Chapter
Carolyn E. Lewis , Pontchartrain (LA) Chapter
Valerie D. Lewis , Oakland Bay Area (CA) Chapter
Delorse A. Lewis , Nashville (TN) Chapter
Lafayette W. Lipscomb , Triangle Park (NC) Chapter
Bridget B. Lipscomb , Arlington (VA) Chapter
Kathryn Towe Littleton , Oakland County (MI) Chapter
Gloria D. Love , Little Rock (AR) Chapter
Martha A. Lloyd , Old Dominion (VA) Chapter
Theresa B. Lyons , Fort Worth (TX) Chapter
Mary L. Madison , Des Moines (IA) Chapter
Sandra Dorsey Malone , Dallas (TX) Chapter
Altha F. Manning , Tallahassee (FL) Chapter
Carolyn Eskridge Martin , Plano North Metroplex (TX) Chapter
Ionis B. Martin , Alumna - Central Area
Juanda F. Maxwell , Selma (AL) Chapter
Marcella Maxwell , Greater New York (NY) Chapter
Cynthia McAdory , Dade County (FL) Chapter
Mary Jane McCoy , Spokane (WA) Chapter
Celeste S. McDermott , Oakland County (MI) Chapter
Mary F. McKinney , Alumna - Eastern Area
Earnestine G. McNealey , Tuscaloosa (AL) Chapter
Millicent McRae , Alumna - Central Area
Bertha S. Means , Alumna - Western Area
Bishetta D. Merritt , Washington (DC) Chapter
Allison N. Metz , San Francisco (CA) Chapter
Mootze Michel-Roache , Greater Hudson Valley (NY) Chapter
LaVern A. Miles , Silver Spring (MD) Chapter
Rubye J. Mills , Alumna - Western Area
Eleanor V. Mitchell , LeFleur's Bluff (MS) Chapter
Julia W. Monroe , Alumna - Eastern Area
Karen Jefferson Morrison , Columbus (OH) Chapter
Thelma Mumford-Glover , Magnolia (GA) Chapter
Lynette P. Murphy , North Shore (IL) Chapter
Janice Myers , Southern West Virginia (WV) Chapter
Veda B. Nami , Columbus (OH) Chapter
Janice R. Nelson , Bold City (FL) Chapter
Glenda Newell-Harris , Alameda Contra-Costa (CA) Chapter
Eddie Newman , Pasadena-Altadena (CA) Chapter
Kathy A. Norris , Palos Verdes (CA) Chapter
Lovye D. Oesterlin , Affiliate - Eastern Area
Barbara Oliver-Hall , Des Moines (IA) Chapter
Marcia L. Page , Mid-Cities (TX) Chapter
Gloria R. Parker , Harbor City (MD) Chapter
Willie Parker
Julia A. Pate , Oakland County (MI) Chapter
Tracie W. Payne , Golden Triangle (TX) Chapter
Margaret R. Payne , Kent Area (OH) Chapter
Rosetta M. Perry , Hendersonville Area (TN) Chapter
Beverly Perry , Capital City (DC) Chapter
Betty H. Peters , Hampton (VA) Chapter
Melody Phillips , Tulsa (OK) Chapter
Emily Pitts , St. Louis (MO) Chapter
Charlotte Brooks Polk , Shelby County (TN) Chapter
Jacqueline W. Pope , Texas Spring Cypress (TX) Chapter
Dorothy R. Porter , Alumna - Southern Area
Ida Maxine Porter , Las Vegas (NV) Chapter
Yvonne Carroll Presha , Brooklyn (NY) Chapter
Joyce J. Price , St. Louis (MO) Chapter
Anne Pruitt-Logan , Alumna - Eastern Area
Whitnei A. Pryor , Atlanta (GA) Chapter
Jeannine Quick-Frasier , Columbus (OH) Chapter
Dianne J. Ramsey , Golden Triangle (TX) Chapter
Mary D. Redd , Greater Hudson Valley (NY) Chapter
Bettye W. Reed , Alumna - Central Area
Lynn M. Reed , Baltimore (MD) Chapter
Josephine Reed-Taylor
Desma Reid-Coleman , Renaissance (MI) Chapter
Reesa Motley Reynolds , Annapolis (MD) Chapter
Jacqueline Spriggs Revis , San Antonio (TX) Chapter
Charlotte Rhodes , Nashville (TN) Chapter
Lelia G. Rhodes , LeFleur's Bluff (MS) Chapter
Gwendolyn M. Rhodes , Oakland County (MI) Chapter
Constance W. Rice , Alumna - Western Area
Vera L. Ricketts , Alumna - Western Area
Janis L. Robinson , Chicago (IL) Chapter
Alexis B. Robinson , New Orleans (LA) Chapter
Kimberly Y. Robinson , Patapsco River (MD) Chapter
Yvette Robinson , Petersburg (VA) Chapter
Jacqueline Rodman , Madison Metropolitan (WI) Chapter
Janine P. Rouson , Raleigh (NC) Chapter
Kay E. Royster , St. Louis (MO) Chapter
Barbra Ruffin-Boston , San Francisco (CA) Chapter
Damita Salters , Fort Lauderdale (FL) Chapter
Ernestine S. Sapp , Tuskegee (AL) Chapter
H. Diane Scott , Pasadena-Altadena (CA) Chapter
Beatrice T. Self , Fort Worth (TX) Chapter
Roberta Settles-Cheatham , Western Reserve (OH) Chapter
Matthew Shannon
Renee H. Simons , Greater Hudson Valley (NY) Chapter
Eris T. Sims , Annapolis (MD) Chapter
Andrea Roane Skehan , Metropolitan (DC) Chapter
Maya Payne Smart , Richmond (VA) Chapter
Gloria R. Smith , Alumna - Central Area
Juel Smith , Tampa (FL) Chapter
Constance Fitzpatrick Smith , Stockton (CA) Chapter
Gladys M. Smith , Chicago (IL) Chapter
Roslyn L. Smith , Baltimore (MD) Chapter
Maxine Smith , Charleston (SC) Chapter
Betty Smith , Alumna - Southern Area
Katherine Solomon , Alumna - Eastern Area
Margarette A. Spears , Tampa (FL) Chapter
Veronica Spencer-Austin , Mid-Cities (TX) Chapter
Dolores M. Spriggs , Patapsco River (MD) Chapter
Clotilde G. Stenson , Brooklyn (NY) Chapter
Kimberly C. Stephens , Silver Spring (MD) Chapter
Tena Stewart , Columbus (OH) Chapter
Clara Stewart , Kalamazoo (MI) Chapter
Alma P. Stokes , Greensboro (NC) Chapter
Mallory Sutton , South Suburban Chicago (IL) Chapter
M. Monica Sweeney , Brooklyn (NY) Chapter
LaMargo Sweezer-Fischer , West Palm Beach (FL) Chapter
Ruthie Tate , Greenville (SC) Chapter
Ann C. Taylor , Petersburg (VA) Chapter
Estelle W. Taylor , Alumna - Eastern Area
Emma Taylor , Dallas (TX) Chapter
Nannette M. Tenn , Milford (CT) Chapter
Lillian D. Thomas , Alumna - Central Area
Sandra P. Thompkins , Youngstown (OH) Chapter
Robbie S. Thompson , Commonwealth (VA) Chapter
Josephine Tolbert-Bonds , Rochester (NY) Chapter
Telisa N. Toliver , Texas Spring Cypress (TX) Chapter
Wilma Holmes Tootle , Long Island (NY) Chapter
Henrie M. Treadwell , Atlanta (GA) Chapter
Ruth M. Turner , Alumna - Eastern Area
Charlene M. Turner , River City (TN) Chapter
Janet T. Turner , Dogwood City (GA) Chapter
Paulette R. Turner , Fort Worth (TX) Chapter
Annetta L. Turner , Harbor Area (CA) Chapter
Vivien J. Vaughters , Alumna - Eastern Area
Janet Baker Walker , Capital City (DC) Chapter
T. Ann Walker , Alumna - Eastern Area
Daisy R. Walker , Charlotte (NC) Chapter
Connie O. Walker , Rochester (NY) Chapter
Tina A. Walls , Denver (CO) Chapter
Marie Washington , Harbor City (MD) Chapter
Anna Washington , Alumna - Central Area
Annette J. Watkins , Dallas (TX) Chapter
Mildred Logan Watson , Orange County (CA) Chapter
Mildred Watson , Alumna - Western Area
Ruthie Watts , Monterey Bay (CA) Chapter
Lucille H. Webb , Raleigh (NC) Chapter
Cassandra Hughes Webster , Shelby County (TN) Chapter
Diane Welburn , Reston (VA) Chapter
Gwendolyn H. Welters , Alumna - Southern Area
Annie P. Whatley , Capital City (DC) Chapter
Amy M. White , Winston-Salem (NC) Chapter
Marcia D. White , Long Island (NY) Chapter
Gladys H. White , Greensboro (NC) Chapter
Nancy Scott Whiting , Old Dominion (VA) Chapter
Iris E. Williams , Birmingham (AL) Chapter
Debbye C. Williams , Queen City (OH) Chapter
Everlyn Williams , Greater Kansas City (MO) Chapter
Lorraine P. Williams , Alumna - Eastern Area
Iris Williams-West , Tacoma (WA) Chapter
Stephanie P. Wilson , Boston (MA) Chapter
Sharon Wilson , Nassau, Bahamas
Margaret C. Winn , San Antonio (TX) Chapter
Roberta Wise , Alumna - Eastern Area
Ida Goodwin Woolfolk , St. Louis (MO) Chapter
Debbie K. Wright , Chicago (IL) Chapter
Dorothy Cowser Yancy , Atlanta (GA) Chapter

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