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Who We Are

On November 9, 1946, Margaret Roselle Hawkins and Sarah Strickland Scott, two young Philadelphia visionaries, founded The Links, Incorporated. They invited seven of their friends to join them in organizing a new type of inter-city club. This organizing meeting of The Links was not a spontaneous action. In 1945, Margaret Roselle Hawkins had conceived the idea of a group of clubs composed of friends along the eastern seaboard and had spent many hours with Sarah Strickland Scott in thinking, planning and discussing the possibilities of such an endeavor.


The Links, Incorporated consists of more than 16,000 professional women of color in 288 chapters located in 41 states, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, and the United Kingdom.  It is one of the nation’s oldest and largest volunteer service organizations of extraordinary women who are committed to enriching, sustaining and ensuring the culture and economic survival of African Americans and other persons of African ancestry.


The members of The Links, Incorporated are influential decision makers and opinion leaders. The Links, Incorporated has attracted many distinguished women who are individual achievers and have made a difference in their communities and the world. They are business and civic leaders, role models, mentors, activists and volunteers who work towards a common vision by engaging like-minded organizations and individuals for partnership.


Members of The Links, Incorporated contribute more than 1 million documented hours of community service annually – strengthening their communities. The organization is the recipient of awards from the UN Association of New York and the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation for its premier programs. The organization’s facets are Services to Youth, The Arts, National Trends and Services, International Trends and Services and Health and Human Services.

1946 Society

Members of the 1946 Society represent the giving spirit of our co-founders, upon whose shoulders we stand. Members who contribute $25,000 or more to the Links Legacy Fund through the Vision 2020 Campaign can become distinguished members of this society. 

Latest Causes

The fifth $1 million Legacy Grant will support the expansion of three St. Jude clinical efforts, including studies designed to increase knowledge of cognitive deficits in children with sickle cell disease, the development of a community health worker education program to counsel parents of infants with sickle cell disease in Nigeria, and an age-appropriate mobile app to help sickle cell patients develop adequate self-care and disease literacy.

Philanthropic Funding

VISION 2020 Campaign: Building a Financial Legacy. At the 39th National Assembly, The Links Foundation, Incorporated launched its VISION 2020 fundraising campaign to increase and sustain the organization’s impact and to continue its mission of transforming the communities it serves. VISION 2020 is a comprehensive, multi-pronged fundraising effort to generate $10 million by 2020.









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