At the 39th National Assembly, The Links Foundation, Incorporated launched its VISION 2020 fundraising campaign to increase and sustain the organization’s impact and to continue its mission of transforming the communities it serves. VISION 2020 is a comprehensive, multi-pronged fundraising effort to generate $10 million by 2020.

Embodied in The Foundation’s history and philanthropic approach, this campaign is designed to harness the collective power and influence of all members, chapters, and areas within the total national body of nearly 14,000 members. The total efforts undertaken by the organization to help reach this ambitious goal will include three vital funding streams:


Gifts and contributions from members, chapters, areas, community partners, corporations, and foundations have transformed the philanthropic landscape of The Links Foundation through the years, allowing programs to be introduced, expanded, and sustained as our community needs continually increase. Because of your support, The Links Foundation Incorporated serves as a gateway to a better standard of living for our global community by maximizing every dollar contributed.

In setting our sights on raising $10 million by 2020, we celebrate our past leaders and members whose strategic and generous contributions made The Links, Incorporated and The Links Foundation, Incorporated the extraordinary organization it is today. Their servant leadership has prepared us for the journey ahead – our journey of Building a Financial Legacy!

We need your support to make VISION 2020 a reality! Please join us on our journey by giving today!

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