Our members’ generosity is rivaled by few. It is what has sustained our organization through its most exciting and challenging times alike. In addition to giving our time, talents and treasures to support the local communities we serve, Links members have stepped up to the plate to make personal contributions to the endowment to ensure that our beloved sisterhood remains a viable and dynamic organization in the years ahead.


Your gifts to the endowment through the VISION 2020 Links Legacy Fund can vary in size beginning with a minimum of $100. Each and every donation you contribute will count. Prior contributions to the $1,000 for 1,000 Endowment Campaign will count toward the new VISION 2020 Links Legacy Circles listed below:



Each VISION 2020 Legacy Circle of $1,000 and above will have unique recognition opportunities including name listings in various media announcements, new custom-designed pins available in spring 2015, and other awards to be determined.


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A Donor Match Incentive Program

The 1946 Society special incentive program designed to engage and cultivate the giving power of first-time givers to The Links Foundation, Incorporated Links Legacy Fund. The program leverages dollars donated by a major donor to boost the charitable contributions of first-time givers. Members of the 1946 Society represent the giving spirit of our co-founders upon whose shoulders we stand. The overall goal of this program is to increase our member giving participation rate. By 2020, we hope to reach a 30% member participation rate, which is representative of the level of giving our organization needs to achieve to be competitive for grants and fundraising.

How the Donor Match Program Works:

Members of the 1946 Society represent the giving spirit of our co-founders upon whose shoulders we stand. Members who contribute $25,000 or more to the Links Legacy Fund through the VISION 2020 Campaign can become distinguished members of this society.

  • Funds donated by a major donor will be used to match the first $500 donated by a first-time giver. A major donor may specify a target audience of first-time givers (e.g., members 40-years old and younger, alumna members, medical and STEM professionals, educators and teachers, etc.) to cultivate.
  • First-time contributors who did not contribute to the $1,000 from 1,000 Endowment Campaign and who meet the requirements set forth by a major donor have the opportunity to take advantage of a matching gift. The goal is to increase the number of new givers among our members.


  • United Way - You can leverage your contribution through the United Way in your local community. Click here for complete instructions.

    Please remember to enter on the United Way form’s designation line The Links Foundation, Incorporated, 1200 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 2005. To ensure your gift is counted toward the Links Legacy Fund, email the Foundation Controller by clicking here.

  • Employer's Matching Gift – Many corporations and organizations will match their employees’ contributions to their favorite charities. Check to see if your company is one.


Planned giving involves providing for a future gift to The Links Foundation, Incorporated’s Links Legacy Fund through your financial and estate plans. The Foundation welcomes gifts made through different planned giving arrangements including bequests, life insurance policies, marketplace securities and trusts. Information on how you can provide for a future gift to The Foundation is forthcoming.